Student Festival Coming to Hawaii to Celebrate!

governor_letter December 13, 2006 Student Festival Coming to Hawaii to Celebrate! What kind of greeting will these poor students have when they set foot here? Do they know what they’re getting into? From About page on The year 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of our 50th state. Hawaii will host celebrations and events throughout this historic year. Recognized by Governor Lingle as an official part of the statehood celebration, school performing and education groups are invited from the mainland to participate in the following events marking Hawaii’s statehood. Events for school groups will fit into three categories. Each group may select one or a combination of each in order to create the most fulfilling experience as well as to meet your individual school requirements. Each of these programs have educational objectives met by touring, learning, and experiencing the island’s culture, habitats, history, and unique contributions to our nation and the world. Salutes – The Salute to Hawaii program is designed to feature your performing group in one to three concerts in some of Hawaii’s most popular locations. The Polynesian Cultural Center, Pearl Harbor, the Waikiki Shell, and the State Capitol Grounds just to name a few. This program is non-competitive and performance based and will provide an opportunity to perform for an audience comprised of citizens and visitors of Hawaii. Each group will receive official recognition in the form of a group commemorative award. Festival – The Aloha Classic Music Festival is the official school music festival of the Celebrate Hawaii 50 event. All types and levels of performing groups are invited to attend. This event will be held at the Horizons stage of the Polynesian Cultural Center in addition to other facilities on the island of Oahu. The date for this festival is March 5 – 8, 2009. Other dates will be announced for the summer and fall. Tours – Science clubs studying oceanography and geology, as well as history classes and senior tours will have special interest in visiting Hawaii during 2009. We will design a custom tour for you to ensure that your students will learn as much as possible during their visit. There are unique learning experiences that can only be had in Hawaii. The value of experiencing education will not only compliment your curriculum, but will ensure a foundation for learning that will benefit your students for the rest of their lives.]]>

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