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Te Pu Win’s response to “A New US Grand Strategy to China”

April 13, 2015

national interestTe Pu Win’s response to “A New U.S. Grand Strategy towards China” on National Interest, on BRICS; for a Polycentric World

By your own words you reveal yourselves to be bristling with hubris, malice, greed, shallowness, and worst of all, incompetence. I quote:

[1] “Revitalizing the American economy” is easier said than done. US internal forces had so cleverly created the biggest financial mismanagement of all times, the NINJA Loan debacle. Since 2009, no one in the banking thieve cabal has been jailed for criminality. Today the money printing is creating a totally new bubble of your own. The house foreclosures are still happening.

[2] “Creating new preferential trading arrangements among US friends that consciously EXCLUDE China”? This is a policy of malice discriminating against a rising China. That is geopolitical criminality just like you did to Iraq. The recent AIIB moment should teach you to mouth such insulting, mean-spirited words ever again. Yet here you are proposing this sentence as part of your “Grand Strategy” The AIIB showed that China has many more friends than your Jingoistic self-delusion. It is precisely the attempts to exclude China that have made even the closes US allies distance themselves from your leaky gunboat. In terms of trade, China has surpassed USA as the biggest trader anywhere. China is the biggest trading partner to most of the countries of the world and all of the trading blocks of the world. Your malicious prescription shows you for the venomous creatures that you are. What is worse is you do not see how totally counter-productive this type of sour-grapes stance makes you. In fact US literally drew a line in the sand against AIIB and told your so-called chorus line not to cross it.

Big loss of face, everyone that counts ran past it. Your new suggestion literally needs to draw all kinds of new lines in the sand specifically against China.

[3] A “technology-control regime with U.S. allies to prevent China from acquiring advanced military and strategic capabilities”? This shows your ignorance of the facts on the ground in the arms asymmetric developments. China has had the DF-21D for over 3 years now and you still think you have overwhelming technology in arms that and ignore this very “carrier killer” capability of China. By now, with the anti-stealth radar technology that Russia and China are now exporting to every little country around the world. A2/AD, by your definition, is all China needed to do and she now has a plethora of these types of technologies. Before you have made a move to negate the DF21-D, China has advanced into at least 4 other ways to neutralize your massive carrier flotillas. In other areas China is already at a level where your massive numbers cannot equate intimidation at China’s doorstep anymore. So you talk as if you can cage China in technologically when you have already lost the A2/AD. And the F-35 is a lemon but the biggest single egg basket your MI complex is too lemmings like to turn around from. What other US ally has the technology sophistication and size to help neutralize A2/AD of china? None.

Did someone forget to educate you that China is now innovating more patents than US and rapidly running away?

[4] “Improving the capability of U.S. military forces to effectively project power in the Asia-Pacific region”? With a 1000 bases around the world all trained on force projection rather than friendship projection, you lose the game. Your many outings to project your brute force has caused untold sufferings to innocent civilians. But they have consistently not delivered to your desired “mission accomplished” result. You cannot even defeat poor peasants in the Middle East. Now you are facing Russia, the toughest nut and you know and I know you won’t dare get into a real tussle.

China, using trade, development, financing and friendly non-interference, has built herself a cache as an “honest broker” while US has always tried scare-tactics and gunboat diplomacy to get your bullying ways. You Jingos are the only ones claiming you have strength in “soft power” while everyone else hold their noses while smilingly stretching out their hands. You don’t get it that you fought at least the Iraq war totally with borrowed money. Everyone knows how much false printing of money you are committing to digging yourselves into a hole. You cannot even effectively maintain the biggest military acquisition project in history, F-35, late by your own projections 8 years, two decades in the making, full of wasted monies, and full of design errors, quality problems, and full of pork. Don’t talk about your gridlock which rings a bell in Lincoln’s own words that a house divided shall not stand.

Before you project your brutish powers, you have to fix your deficit, your massive debt, your corrupt and overpriced military budget.

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