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Continuity of transport

December 9, 2015

west papua transport

In 1942, when the news came to society about the transport of Jews to concentration camps, few believed it.  When the stories of gas chambers began to circulate, deniers sipped champagne and marveled at the progress of the world, “These are modern times,” some thought, “our civilization is advancing.” Only when the photos appeared did people lament their blindness and inhumanity. Only then did citizens roll up their sleeves to fight for rights and justice.

Today, in the 21st century, we continue to see vehicles transporting people as if they were cattle, and of Papuans marching in chains, or beaten or dead on the street. How can brutality continue to march unabated in the world?  In an instant, quicker than the time it takes to die, photos of cruelty are sent across the world.  Why should we continue to toast the progress of the world, when in these post-modern times, neither the hearts nor the cares of our society-at-large outpaced institutionalized genocide.


The Free West Papua Campaign has just received this photo and more info from Serui in occupied West Papua, showing the Indonesian police herding more West Papuans into a police truck at gunpoint.

Last week, the Indonesian military and police shot 9 West Papuan people in Serui for raising the West Papuan flag. At least 2 of those shot were killed.

This is another example of the brutality of the Indonesian police and military towards peaceful people in West Papua. The crimes of the Indonesian state against the West Papuan people are being exposed as West Papuans continue to peacefully struggle to regain their Independence through self-determination.

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