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The Ukrainians–Season 4

October 12, 2019

Solntseva-Enchanted DesnaHere we are at the end of Season 4 of the hit not-yet-released bingeable series, *The Ukrainians*, which I hope will capture the spirit of this movie poster from the 1964 Ukranian film, *The Enchanted Desna* by Yuliya Solntseva.

In Season 1, the story opens with Yanukovych and Putin smoothing out the tensions between state-owned oil giants Gazprom (Russia) and Naftogaz (Ukraine) and prepare for a wedding between the two families. Birds are chirping and there is peace and warmth in the seaside retreat of Sebastapol. But then it turns ugly because Obama and EC President Barroso see this as Yanukovych reneging on previous promises he made to the EU and Nato. They accuse him of corruption as he moves closer to Putin and the EEU, closer to the traditional ties that bind Russia and Ukraine.

In Season 2 we see the Washington administration plot the overthrow of Yanukovych with former Secretary of State Clinton and her old assistant, Victoria Nuland, now under Secretary Kerry. They get all the players and monied interests lined up so that when the coup happens, Naftogaz will be married to the Western oil interests who were upset at having lost her to her childhood love Gazprom. The western privately-held oil holding company Burisma rapes her on their wedding night and they are going to ensure that Burisma execs will sit on the board of Naftogaz.

In Season 3, it all goes to shit. The Clinton coup is a disaster, it’s an out-of-control color revolution that is breaking up the country and threatening civil war. But Putin saves the day by annexing Crimea and Sebastopol. Simple fix. A referendum is held for Sebastopol and Ukraine to leave Ukraine and rejoin the Russian Federation. The referendum was on the up-and-up with over 90% participation and nearly 90% voting to leave the Ukraine. The West is furious and refuses to acknowledge the fact that half of Ukraine sees itself as Russian. And in Kiev, things are crazier. Spies everywhere. Some people want to align with the West, some with Russia, some with neither. It’s a hotbed for Spy-vs-Spy. CIA, FSP/SBR (post KGB), MI-5, literally every spy agency in the world is in Kiev, trying to stake out a claim for its own interests. Jealous of Russia continually outsmarting Clinton and later Kerry, Washington imposes sanctions against Russia.

The US-backed fascist strong arm Turchynov can’t hold Ukraine together, and Poroshenko who is unpopular, is just tolerated, but he’s making good with western interests. Everyone is plotting and it is out of control. In 2016, some angry Ukrainians with Russian connections are trying to make life hell for Hillary and they are smearing her on facebook and twitter for ruining their country. This is a revenge story. They don’t want Hillary in the Whitehouse…they know she’s a neo-con, and neo-cons are fascists. When Seth Rich, an unaffiliated whistle blower downloads her emails from her private server because he uncovers the corruption behind Hillary, her campaign advisors, and the DNC, he is killed by random muggers who don’t take his wallet or watch. Poor Seth, he was so horrified by the sinister plotting that betrayed his democratic ideals that when he tried to be a whistleblower, he was killed for it. But not before handing the thumb drive with the downloaded emails to a contact who then passed it to British ambassador Craig Murray, who then passed it to Julian Assange to publish in Wikileaks.

The Ukrainians now had all the ammo they needed and they created a social media storm. Hillary’s corruption has come to light and as a result, Trump, the worst person possible becomes the president. Some in his inner circle said he only ran to boost his ratings, and was surprised by his own popularity that he kept on running. He didn’t care, it was a publicity stunt that carried him to the White House. It was such a miracle he started going to church and the Christian right became his constituency, despite all his dirty nasty secrets that were buried in Jeffrey Epstein’s casket after he allegedly killed himself while in custody for running a child prostitution ring.

In Season 4, except for the continued bombardment and attacks in the now separatist regions of Donetsk and Lugansk in Eastern Ukraine, there is relative calm in Kiev, while in the US, anti-Russia hysteria is getting feverish and more sanctions are placed on Russia and this drives Russia closer and closer to China and other regional partners, and they really start investing heavily in security, especially as Trump, the new US president walks away from a series of important peace agreements. The democrats want to paint Trump as Putin’s agent, but these are just Hilary-crats out for blood, blaming Russia for her loss. Russia watches as the US implodes.

But in Ukraine, at least there was a democratically elected president– a relatively neutral nice guy, a TV comedian as President– certainly more affable than his reality TV star counterpart in Washington. Birds are chirping, no major debacles, no war, just random killings and military aid… but then suddenly, out of the blue.. a mysterious phone call! It’s Trump and he wants the dirt on Biden’s son, because after all hew was on the board of Burisma and Biden was VP when Hillary initiated the coup, and there’s going to have to be dirt on Biden… Hilary/Biden-crats are going bat shit impeachment crazy. But in the back room, everyone know there is going to be blowback because their hands are bloodier than Trumps. Putin and Xi are on the sidelines, waiting and amused.

Can’t wait until Season 5!

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