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Goodbye America First, at Last

December 31, 2019

Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-Unjust-Laws-1As we move into this new decade, let us not forget that while the U.S. is a country that helped to invent the modern era with technological advantages and industrialization with leadership and an over-determined moral authority to endeavor forward all of our pithy accolades and self-endorsed commendations, this nation is predicated on the base facts that we are really a country that evolved through the practice of genocide, slavery, theft, and greed.

While many may argue that we have since evolved into a country of laws, and that we have promoted a mechanism of rules, rights, and regulations, all we have really done is weaponized law. Today, lawfare enforces structures of low-income wage slavery, eco-cide, unaffordable housing and healthcare, anti-union right-to-work policies, and a shameful public education system. Lawfare legalizes rights for the 1% that have held wide open the backdoors for the modern day “rape and pillage” privatization of our general welfare and ecological well being.

The American creed for privatization and ownership is the scourge that has created an unsustainable economic wasteland fit for a future that looks more and more bleak for our children and children’s children. Burdening our future with $22+ trillion in debt, while the 1% hides trillions of dollars in taxes in offshore investment schemes, may smell like a land of milk and honey for the privileged and entitled few, but looks more like a zombie apocalypse for the rest of us.

It is precisely the legalized enforcement of backdoor protections and greed that has fomented the demise of America’s global leadership. The Obama/Trump decade had an opportunity to promote fair and equitable global trade after the 2008/9 financial collapse, but instead chose the path that would sustain the structures of capitalization in banking, finance, and technology and rewrote accounting mechanisms so that it appeared that we were still strong when indeed our global credibility, legitimacy and financial future was heading towards bankruptcy.

There should be no tears lost saying goodbye to the second decade of the 21st century, no tears lost for the end of the American hegemon.

But tears will be shed. How should we be directing those tears from those who finally recognize the end of the American empire? Are we really going to be pulling up our pants and tightening our belts to rally around a manufactured war cry that seeks to blame Russia, Iran, or the rise of China for our economic woes? To those that do, I encourage you to look at your own financial security or lack of, and look at the wage disparities of this country and the ownership and privatization of resources and commodities world wide and the absolute hubris and arrogance of America’s corporate elite, and turn that finger towards the wealthiest of America’s own 1%.

The 2008/9 financial collapse of Wall Street should’ve spelt the end of the neoliberal elite, yet how is it that the wage disparities and the corporate greed of America’s neoliberal elite become even more unjust? We went into the 2nd decade of the 21st century pointing our finger at the 1%. For a short moment in time, Occupy Wall Street pointed its finger in the right direction and correctly analyzed how financial deregulations and the liberalization of environmental and labor protections mandated through egregious trade agreements and binding arbitration used weapons of lawfare like investor-state dispute settlements to wage war for the benefit of their own greed. Then, when some developing countries and emerging economies began to emerge into their own, finally realizing their potential in the global economy, those pointing at the 1%, began to turn their fingers towards Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa, India, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Libya, Egypt, Yemen– countries and regions not aligned with the US.

Looking closely, this Obama-Trump decade has been a decade of lawfare, weaponizing judicial systems to impose regime changes in countries that had moved out, away from, or had resisted the unipolar neoliberal system.

To those whose fingers drifted along with the capricious cock on the weathervane, you should understand that our glorious media has been blowing manufactured hot air away from the true source of ones misery. The real evidence of this theft and fraud was made public by heroic whistleblowers now criminalized by the 1%– Julian Assange,  Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and even the lesser known Seth Rich, the murdered DNC aide who had access and motive for leaking Clinton’s emails. How is it that in 2010, when Wikileaks published the collection of State Department communications, or in 2016 when the Washington DC-based ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) published the millions of emails, database files, and PDFs, exposing the tax evasion of the global elite, that we could continue to ignore the real evidence of fraud and theft of our general welfare?

If I have not said it enough, “It’s not Russia, not China, it’s the 1%, stupid.”

At the fin de la décennie, the end of the decade, let us commemorate the sacrifice of whistleblowers that have provided the public with real evidence of corrupt lawfare and theft, and blowback against the manufactured wind of the media elite. The wolf of Wall Street is the same wolf in the story of the Three Little Pigs, who huffs and puffs and blows down the structures of the first two pigs. But we are the 99%. The wolf cannot blow down our house if we stand strong.

While governments and judicial systems protect the thieves who are robbing us of our pensions and health, we need to point that finger back to the 1% so that we may restore our global ecological health and well being. We are close to coming together in solidarity as a global voice, so let there be tears of joy when peoples and nations rise against the neoliberal 1%.

How we prepare to survive in the 3rd decade of the 21st century, must be through a decade of reckoning. The reckoning is an integral part of our collective narrative, mixing in equal temper,  forgiveness, acceptance and revenge. It is that recognizable American conceit that Clint Eastwood embodies whether he plays a western gunslinger, a police officer, or a bitter grandfather unable to keep up with the changes of technology and society. A reckoning forms our notions of an outlaw justice that has little to do with the jurisprudence and legal system designed to protect the eco-cide, wage slavery, theft, and greed of the 1%.

If this reckoning is a war cry, it is. But to be clear, it is not a war against countries and nations, it is a civil war against the 1%. It is a civil war waged for the protection of our global, ecological and human health. It is for the dignity and genuine security for people and planet.

The only honor we could mete out for ourselves that might restore a sense of American legitimacy and credibility in the world is to reckon with the notion that what he have wrought upon the world is an exuberant economic vision that has clearly failed entire nations and populations.

Ours is a civil war that seeks an apology and reparations. For the American experiment to ever be fulfilled, we need to acknowledge that we are a country of immigrants residing on stolen land, built by slaves and the dispossessed, and that we have a shared responsibility to fairly and equitably restore what has been unjustly stolen, hurt, displaced, chopped, felled, owned and maimed.

Let us step bravely into the new year with a new decade for the 99% in our sights.

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