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Why is Hawai'i a state?

How did it become a state?

What were the conditions that led to statehood?

What are the benefits and disadvantages of statehood?

What is the future of Hawai'i's statehood?


As Hawai'i's fiftieth-year commemoration of its inclusion into the United States folds into the bicentennial celebration of the Hawaiian kingdom, the issue of statehood continues to challenge a people's international commitment towards independence. Statehood Hawaii explores issues confronting justice and our national identity. Recognizing Hawaii's kingdom history, the coup by the Republic, the deception of annexation, as well as the fraudulent results of the statehood plebiscite, Statehood Hawaii will continue the process for engaging cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary dialogue on the subject while continuing to engage the people and communities who have come to define our unique history.





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