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Countdown to 50 years of Hawai'i Statehood! watch video


On March 11th 1959, U.S. Senate votes in favor of statehood, 76 to15.
On March 12th,the U.S. House of Representatives
voted 323 to 89 in favor of granting statehood to Hawai`i.
Eisenhower approves Act of Congress on March 18th.

June 27th 1959, Governor Quinn holds plebisicite
on same day as the primary election.
Those who voted on the plebiscite voted 17-1 for statehood.

On August 21, 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed
Proclamation 3309 officially welcoming Hawai`i as the 50th state of the union.

Attending, Fred Seaton, Daniel K.Inouye, Edward Johnson, Sam Rayburn,
Richard Nixon, Lt. Col. James S. Cook Jr., Maj. Gen. A. T. McNamara.

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