Views from the Shore: The Impact of Immigration on Hawai'i Past, Present & Future

When: Tuesday, November 25th 5:30 - 8:00pm
Where: Manoa Grand Ballroom at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii
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Judge Riki May Amano (ret.) (panel moderator)
Toy Arre (President, Filipino Community Center)
Yong-Ho Ch'oe, Ph.D. (Prof. Emeritus of History, University of Hawaii)
Tom Coffman (Writer, historian and filmmaker)
Laura Figueira (President, Portuguese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii)
Gus Hannemann (Samoan Cultural Representative)
Jon Itomura (President, Hawaii United Okinawa Association)
Eiko Kosasa, Ph.D (University of Hawaii at Leeward, lecturer, Political Science)
Brian Niiya (Resource Center Director, Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii)
Nancy Ortiz (Director, Puerto Rican Association/Hispanic Center of Hawaii)
Ginny Young (2nd VP, United Chinese Society of Hawaii)

Views from the Shore: The Impact of Immigration on Hawai'i Past, Present & Future, is the first of a series of public panel discussions presented by Statehood Hawaii in partnership with the Hawaii Council for the Humanities, with additional support from The Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii and 'Olelo, to be held in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Hawaii statehood.

Traditionally, the Thanksgiving holiday is an event in which we commemorate the settling of our country. It is also a time of reflection when the occasion to honor our first peoples are also celebrated. So too, in Hawaii, it may be a time to acknowledge that as settlers, from either the west or the east, the Thanksgiving holiday might be a time in which Hawaii's cultural ethnic communites might participate in a moderated forum that addresses issues pertinent to indigenous issues and 50 years of statehood.

Three questions we are considering:

1) What were some of the conditions that led to the immigration(s) to Hawaii of each group?

2) What were some of the reasons for having established a cultural center here in Hawaii?

3) Culturally, socially, and economically, how has Hawaii, either as a kingdom, territory or state, impacted the ethnic group as a whole; particularly, how has native Hawaiian culture enriched, if any, each groups cultural identity in Hawaii?


As there are many different conditions that led to various waves of immigration, this forum hopes to broaden our understanding of these diverse historical conditions that continue to transform the ever-changing face of Hawaii.

Approaching the 50th anniversary of Hawai'i statehood, what are some of the concerns you may have regarding the future of Hawai'i, and how do you see our ethnic or cultural communities evolving with this change.

"Views from the Shore," inspired by the name of a book of Asian-American writers by Stephen Sumida, will be a documented and moderated public event to be broadcast on 'Olelo.

The Statehood Hawaii steering committee includes Kekuni Blaisdell, Tom Coffman, Chris Conybeare and Warren Nishimoto, with additional advisorship from Judge Walter Heen and Ken Saiki.

Contact: Arnie Saiki, Project Director
Statehood Hawaii
(808) 218-4367


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