March 13, Statehood Commission Meeting

quoted as having said that “The festivities will highlight the islands’ accomplishments since 1959, and there also could be educational events to discuss the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy that eventually led to statehood,…There won’t be accommodations for those who reject the United States and claim Hawaii is still an independent nation.”. Kippen?s statement created quite a backlash and several of the sovereignty activists expressed disbelief that he had said such. Apparently, he had promised the sovereignty people that ?Iolani Palace would play no part in the Statehood Celebration. It now seems unlikely that Kippen would want to do anything but wash his hands at the Palace. Towards the end of the meeting Kippen clarified that there were going to be no celebrations at the Palace. Terri K. responded that Cataluna’s remarks perpetuated the stereotype of the “angry Hawaiian.” Being that most of the commission members are non-kanaka maoli, I think her remark was well-founded. Cataluna struck at the root of everyone’s fear. When my moment came, I stood up and acknowledged that much of what was being submitted on the fifdififdi site was indeed congruent with Cataluna?s statement and officially supported his recommendation. Also, I wanted to let everyone know that we were launching the social-networking fifdififdi site at 39Hotel at the end of the month.]]>

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