Hawaiian group gets parking donations

By Dan Nakaso. Advertiser Staff Writer. Go to original story.  Members of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government who spend their days on the mauka lawn of ‘Iolani Palace have been given hundreds of dollars worth of quarters from Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians so they won’t face parking meter fees and possible parking tickets.Ideal Health

“We’ve been given bags of quarters from heirs (to the kingdom) and people who support us,” said Mahealani Kahau, “head of state” of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government. “Some are not even kanaka. I was given $150 worth of quarters from a pure Caucasian who supports the Hawaiian Kingdom 100 percent. He said, ‘Please don’t use your own money.’ ” Some 50 to 70 members of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government occupied the palace grounds on April 30 and locked the gates, blocking non-Hawaiians from entering for about eight hours, said Laura H. Thielen, head of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources, which has authority over the ‘Iolani Palace grounds. Kahau has since been issued a DLNR permit to use the palace grounds during the day, set up a canopy and use a public address system. The application for the permit, which expires Sunday, was signed by “Her Royal Majesty, Mahealani.” Thielen said members of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government must obey all laws, including feeding parking meters for their vehicles. Yesterday, Kahau repeated her stance that members of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government plan to return each day indefinitely and said she will apply for another seven-day permit. The permit, she said, “is just to satisfy them. I will comply with the Hawaiian Kingdom civil codes of 1869 and penal codes of 1859. We are obeying the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom.” Despite widespread media reports, Kahau said it is incorrect to call the Hawaiian Kingdom Government a “sovereignty group” or even “protesters.” “We’re not protesting against anything. … We’re not a sovereignty group,” she said. “We are the seat of government for the Hawaiian Kingdom. We are here assuming and resuming the Hawaiian seat of government and we are proceeding as the seat of government.” Officers from various state law enforcement agencies have been stationed on the palace grounds since members of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government have been at the palace, Thielen said.

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