The statehood logo, my word!

proposal to present during the public comments time. The proposal suggests including the Statehood Committee into this website by promoting their calendar of events with links to their site. This consideration would allow me to remain independant while helping to promote their efforts. There was no public response to the proposal, so my assumption is that I was a mumble bee and that they weren’t interested. However, during the meeting, the issue of the commemorative logo came up and there was debate between committee members over the public use of the logo and the Statehood Committee’s proprietary use and deliberate ownership of the logo. Most of the Committee members it seems, has placed a value on the brand, which steered the discussion to how to control the use of the logo. Ms. McElrath questioned the idea of policing the use of the logo. Her point raises a good issue; how is it that the State becomes the governing and authorizing body over what is a legitimate statehood event or statehood themed merchandise? Clearly, since we are a civic and tax-paying body, it does appear that the use of a logo designed by the state for this kind of civic event belongs to everyone and the idea of branding the event, albeit obvious and viable, should not be copyrighted or licensed. For the state to lord over the use of the logo, to determine what is sanctioned and not sanctioned, will in the end further disenfranchise people from participating in the event in an expressive or commercial way. If this proprietary use of a government logo is enforced, then banks and publishers and all the A-list sponsors will end up owning the event, when it is the people who should claim ownership of it through their own commercial enterprise. Back to the Calendar of Events proposal, it would seem to be in the State’s best interest to want to promote Statehood themed events through as many sources as possible. For the State to embrace public involvement, to really embrace the commemoration of statehood, which is the commemoration of American idealism, opportunity and la-di-da, the State might want to consider offering a calendar to the various websites that will at least link to their own site.]]>

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