Peoples of the world presents: Barack Obama article on the many African and Carribean artists dedicating songs to Obama, I couldn’t resist putting this page together– the Statehood Hawaii tribute— less to Obama, and more to the music that he helped to inspire. For so many to have invested hope in Obama’s message on an international scale inspires me with a hopeful sense of change. This is a change many invest in cautiously. To be caught up in the frenzy of Obama passion seems like a gift, but it could also be a curse, and my hesitation of surrendering to the mantra of hope and change, is intrinsically tied to the fear of disappointment and betrayal. With many of these videos, I admire the courage of these artists maintaining hope and clarity of vision, having seen so many of their heroes killed or imprisoned. As I watch these video on the playlist, I think that Obama has a responsibility to live up to his words of change. If he falls short of his responsibilities, he will not only betray the Americans that have rallied around him, but the world that is giving him the chance to prove himself. The world expects that the future role of the United States will be as an engaged friend and member of the international community, rather than as a bully. More international Obama music tributes from Svarten, a Swedish site!]]>

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