Link to KITV video on statehood This video will take you to the KITV website. The statehood anniversary is beginning to take shape and it is clear that the controversy is very present. Unlike the silver jubilee, 25 years ago, the issue is front and center. Unfortunately, while addressing the controversy, the point is still being missed. Why is Hawaii’s statehood controversial? What are the issues? The main point of contention is still Annexation. Illegal annexation is still front and center and along with that, we need to address the issue of colonialization. How did Hawaii become a state? Why was Hawaii (along with Alaska) put on the list of non-self-governing territories by the State Dept in 1946, if we were so “ready and prepared” for Statehood? Why did it take so long? Was it really the red-scare? was it really race-baiting? Were that many Senators and Congressmen afraid of a non-white person in the Senate or House? I’m looking forward to the answers…]]>

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