Love-Boltz charged with assault

Man charged in alleged assault

A 73-year-old man accused of assaulting a woman at Iolani Palace during the takeover last week was charged with second-degree assault yesterday in District Court.

Donald Love-Boltz was charged in a sealed document filed by the state attorney general’s office.

An arraignment hearing has been set for 8:30 a.m. Monday.

Love-Boltz is accused of assaulting palace employee Noelani Ah Yuen during the takeover by a Hawaiian sovereignty group called Kingdom of Hawaii, Nation, on Friday.

According to court documents, Love-Boltz repeatedly swung a heavy iron gate that struck Ah Yuen, smashing her body between the heavy iron gate and a concrete pillar and causing her back and neck injuries.

“This is an innocent man,” said Walter Rodby, Love-Boltz’s attorney. “Mr. Love-Boltz is also a kind, law-abiding gentleman, and he was there to ensure the safety of everybody (at Iolani Palace).”

Rodby said his client intends to enter a plea of not guilty.

“Had Mr. Love-Boltz violated any law of the state of Hawaii, they (police) would have arrested him,” Rodby said. “This officer did not make an arrest because there was no criminal offense. There was no assault.”

Rodby said the sealed document filed by the attorney general’s office stripped Love-Boltz of an opportunity to question the charges.

If the state held a probable-cause hearing, he would have been able to question the woman accusing Love-Boltz of assault, Rodby said.

“We would have been able to reveal the truth here,” he said.


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