Gov. Lingle's message

August 21, 2008 – Respect and Aloha for Hawai`i

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“Worldwide, Hawai‘i is known for our people and the tremendous respect and aloha we have for each other.

But the events that occurred recently at `Iolani Palace were not representative of Hawai`i. Damaging public property and hurting and threatening others is not the “Hawai`i way.”

I have met with state and county law enforcement officials, and we have reaffirmed our unconditional commitment to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors, as well as the protection of property, regardless of where an incident occurs.

As our 50th anniversary of Statehood commemoration unfolds over the next year, I encourage all Hawai`i residents to go one step further in showing respect for each other. It is important that we have meaningful discussions in appropriate ways to observe this milestone in our state’s history, and to focus on our future.”


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