Blowin' in the Big Wind

Jose Arguelles, the Mayan calendar’s prediction of a harmonic shift will alter our current metaphoric paradigm from the Age of Aquarius into the Piscean Age. A good time to plug my old friend, Daniel Pinchbeck’s book, 2012: the Return of Quetzalcoatl. I myself am happy to steer clear of any passive predisposition of world events, even if we are all prone to the subtle harmonic changes of an ensuing shift. However, I must say that Bob Dylan, about the same age as Jose Arguelles, penned these songs, The Times they are a Changin’, and Blowin’ in the Wind, a good 25 years before Jose Arguelles came out with his astrology-breaking work, The Mayan Factor in 1987, during the Age of Reagan. Who would’ve thought that in 1963 and 64, the years in which most of the African and Asian countries had attained their independence as a result of United Nations Resolution 1514, “the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples” was passed by the General Assembly, that Dylan’s anthemic songs would lend itself to prophesize the events of 2008! By what portent did Dylan know that Hurricane Ike (aka Eisenhower), would blow through his home state of Texas to disrupt Houston, the city that has come to define the center for Republican nespotism (despotism?) just a week after the RNC? Hurricane Ike blew through Houston with as much force as any windbag president could, still shouting his disdain for Alaskan statehood 50 years after the fact. Was this appropriately named Hurricane a reference to Sarah Palin, McCain’s choice for running mate? Eisenhower did not support Alaskan Statehood. Perhaps he, like Dylan and Arguelles, had insight into the harmonic shift and saw in Alaska, its future which is Sarah Palin. By what law of convergence directed Minnesota, the birth place of both Bob Dylan and Jose Arguelles, to be the site of this years RNC, while Obama at the DNC a week before was paraphrasing Dylan’s “The Times they are Changin’.”]]>

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