Let the festivities begin!

50th Anniversary of Statehood Commission commemoration officially begins on March 18th, 2009 with “TRIBUTE THROUGH MUSIC – 50 YEARS OF STATEHOOD”

According to a draft agenda, here is the schedule of events: Location:  Capitol Rotunda 11:30 am  Military Band 11:55 am  Two F-15s fly over of the Capitol by the Hawaii Air National Guard  Location:  House Chambers 12:00 pm  Joint House/Senate session called to order 12:03 pm  Invocation by Rev. Curt Kekuna 12:05 pm  Welcome and Remarks by House Speaker and Senate President 12:20 pm  Musical selection by Danny Kaleikini 12:25 pm  Recognition of all former Governors (in chronological order) by Speaker or Senate President.
  1. Nancy Quinn (representing William Quinn)
  2. Jim Burns (representing John Burns)
  3. George Ariyoshi (Heard someone mention that it’s his birthday)
  4. John Waihee
  5. Ben Cayetano
12:40 pm  Recognition of the individuals selected as part of the 50 Voices by  Danny Kaleikini 12:50 pm  Musical Selction, “These Islands,” by Danny Couch 12:55 pm  Remarks by Governor Lingle 1:10 pm  Musical Selections by 8th grader Arshiel Calatrava, Kalakaua Middle School (out of curiousity, why is she getting 20 minutes?)   1:30 pm  Adjournment  Additional Activities: Walking Tours of the proposed “National Heritage Area”
  1. State Capitol Building
  2. Washington Place
  3. St. Andrew’s Cathedral
  4. Hawai’i State Art Museum
  5. ‘Iolani Palace
  6. Aliiolani Hale
  7. Mission Houses Memorial Museum
  8. Honolulu Hale
  9. Hawai’i State Library
  10. Kawaiahau Church
Tours would also include the Hawai’i Theater and Chinatown]]>

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