Video clip of panel in Pasadena

Geri Kuhia, Victor Gordo, Vice Mayor of Pasadena, Hula Halua Na Hua ‘O Maile, Kiowa Gordon, Leon Siu, Addie Rolnick, Christen Marquez, ‘Ehu Kekahu Cardwell, and myself. This video features highlights of that presentation.  It was a full-house, professionally organized, and very well received. [youtube][/youtube] THE  HAWAIIAN CULTURE SPOKEN IN THEIR VOICE  The screening of the documentary and cultural event is on tour throughout the world to help others understand the importance of the preservation of the Hawaiian Culture and the people’s connection to the culture, spirituality, and the land.

The Pasadena Convention Center Screening of Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty and cultural event, held Apr. 3, 2010  may be viewed at We are touring Universities and schools and cultural locations with the pubic screening, and cultural event to raise awareness of the Native Hawaiian culture and other cultures on the verge of extinction. Their voices are heard in the film and raise awareness of the need to sustain their culture and other indigenous cultures vanishing throughout the world. Their ancient knowledge of the past is the bridge to the future  and a shared global culture.  “What Happens to the Land Happens to the People”, is one of the messages to the world from the indigenous Hawaiian People.
A link to the video of the Pasadena cultural event and what the press has to say about this film and cultural movement is below. Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty is the first in a series of documentaries about the importance of  vanishing cultures and the knowledge they have to help sustain our world. ]]>

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