Rapa Nui

SaveRapanui.org. The situation there has grown from bad to worse, and I’ve been moderating the website for Santi Hitorangi and Susano Hito as they have been very busy with fundraising and public awareness of the situation going on with the fraudulent Chilean occupation of Rapa Nui, and the threat of extinction of the Rapanui people. For more information please visit the site. In the meantime, these are the bullet points:

• Rapanui aka Easter Island is NOT uninhabited and supposed mysteries of the island can be simply explained by the Rapanui people who have lived there over 2000 years. • The Rapanui people carved and moved the Moai by “walking” the moai with rounded bottoms. • The Rapanui people did NOT deforest the island to move the Moai, there was a mini ice age in the 1400 which reduced trees on the island, rats introduced by foreign boats ate the seeds, and the Chileans rented the island and the Rapanui people as slaves, to sheep farmers whose herds destroyed the roots of the flora causing massive washing away of the topsoil.The Chileans are still colonizing the island and continuing to destroy the ancient archeological sites which have been designated by UNESCO a “patrimony to humanity” • The Chileans are encouraging unchecked immigration to the island, which does not have the infrastructure to support immigration. • Since the beginning of August the Rapanui people have reclaimed their grandparents lands which the Chilean had taken.  Chilean armed forces have been deployed to the island and they are harassing the Rapanui people in violation of Chilean and International Law. • The Indian Law Resource Center has agreed to represent the Rapanui people in legal actions in the Inter-American Courts. • The Chilean government is being run by the Pinochet Party for the first time since 1990.  During Pinochet regime millions of people simply “disappeared”. • The Rapanui people today are in danger of extinction. • The Rapanui survival and decolonization of Rapanui will be an example of how humans can reclaim and re-cultivate lands which have been destroyed by human activity. • Rapanui  also known as Te Pito te Henua, the Navel of the World, it is our connection to the umbilical cord of existence.

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