“Hawaii Red Hunt Aims at destroying ILWU” 1947

For four years, I’ve searched for the reference of King Kamehameha-ites, and I finally found it, tucked in an old draft: From The Dispatcher, Page 8, Dec. 26, 1947 “Hawaii Red Hunt Aims at destroying ILWU” Honolulu T.H—ILWU sugar workers have given their answer to the Territorial Red Bogey in the words: The working people of Hawaii are not fools.” The sugar workers official paper, the Local 142 News, in its Christmas issue said it is no accident that the red scare hit Hawaii at the time the union is preparing to fight for its life. The news stated: “The working people of Hawaii are not fools. We know of Big Five determination to smash our unions. We intend to resist. Our union will follow its historical course of “no discrimination” because of race, color, or creed. We will not be diverted from our basic democratic program by red baiting or phony pamphlets “exposing” reds. There is one cardinal rule in our union. We do not look at a man’s color before accepting his application for membership. We do not peer into his soul to determine if he is a Catholic, Protestant, Jew, or even an Atheist. “We do not probe into his mind to determine his political beliefs, be he a member of the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the King Kamehameha Party or the Communist party—any legal party is okay in our union! “We do insist however that Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Atheists, Democrats, Republicans, King Kamehameha-ites and Communists all work through the regular structure of our union. “There is not now, and there never has been in the ILWU, room for any secret organization whose intentions are to dictate union policies. We will resist and expose any group or clique arising in our organization with such aims—be they racial, religious or political. “With our program and the democracy inherent in our organization we cannot lose the coming battle if we understand the union-busting program of the bosses.”