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July 8th pdf and attachment May 20 pdf March 13 pdf and attachment Donald Cataluna on use of ‘Iolani Palace Quarter Design proposal OHA Logo Design *Please note that these are minutes from discussions and proposals and that they do not necessarily reflect the views from all members of the commission, unless otherwise noted. New Report as of May 1, 2008 (Note that the following events/activities are only being discussed, and unless otherwise noted, are not yet formally scheduled.) DOE has committed to support four key educational programming elements in schools statewide: 1) 50 Voices of Statehood— a weekly 5-minute video segment, highlighting an interview with one of 50 key Hawaii residents who represent the commemoration. Teachers will also be provided information to supplement the learning as related to each week?s perspective, in include classroom projects to extend learning and reflective questions for discussion. Start date– August 25, 2008; End date — August 21, 2009. 2) Living Legends— a travelling discussion group and museum exhibit/displaty; discussion group will be hosted as public events at local schools statewide; members of the panel discussion would represent various perspectives as related to statehood and would share their experiences with the public. 3) Essay contests— A statewide essay contest will be hosted for students of all ages (contests will be developed with age-specific topics and criterion); to be based on the theme, “What Does Statehood Mean to Me?” 4) Time Capsules— As an optional activity for schools statewided, the DOE will support the creation of a time capsule to be buried on school grounds. the support and commitment from the DOE has been confirmed through Superintendent Hamamoto. Tammy Kubo, education invetigative committee chair, will also be working with private and charter schools statewide to encourage their participation. Also, still being proposed is a documentary which has yet to be confirmed with PBS Hawai?i, 2) 50 years of Arts and Culture– working with State Foundation of Culture and the Arts 3) Kick off Event March 18, 2009– joint session at the legislature, local entertainment and documentary to be shown on Capitol grounds. 4) Arrival of USS Hawai?i 5) Closing Event — Statehood Commemorative Conference. Report from Investigative Events/Communications Committee. March 13 (Note that the following events/activities are only being discussed, and unless otherwise noted, are not yet formally scheduled.) MARKETING

  • Adopt the formal title “Hawaii?s Statehood Golden Jubilee — 50 Years of Aloha”
  • Create commemorative license plate
  • create a new brochure of historical state buildings; Iolani Place, Capitol, etc., with a focus on historical treasures; will work with counties to develop island-specific brochures.
  • Statewide insert in all major daily papers one day in March and August
  • USA TODAY full page ad, paid for by companies/organizations, in March and August.
  • Exhaustive use of the internet
  • Quarter Launch in November 2008 (date still pending; Nov. 7-14). Work with First Hawaiian Bank (official bank designated by Federal Reserve)
  • USPS- Hawai?i stamp launch (time TBD)
  • Jan 1st– Lead float in Rose Parade.
  • Wednesday, March 18th- Dramatization of call to Iolani Palace (on March 12th) from D.C. and President Eisenhower signing the congressional resolution for Hawai?i statehood, to renact events held in 1959. All television stations to air 30 minute production at 11:30 am. Musical Tribute at Iolani Palace and/or State Capitol from 12:00p.m. to 1p.m. to follow.
  • Friday May 1st– International Labor Day– Labor Day event to honor union workers.
  • Monday, May 25th– lantern lighting parade on Memorial Day; event to conclude with fireworks. Neighbor island leaders to discuss possible events on each island.
  • Friday, August 21st- Statehood Commemoration Dinner to recognize the date the formal proclamation was signed by President Eisenhower.
  • Saturday, August 29th– with the help of General Vern Miyagi, General Robert Lee, Mark Moses (Veteran Affairs) re-create the official start of the ceremonay, as it was in 1959, marked by 16 jets from the Hawai?i Air National Guard?s 119th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. The Hawai?i National Guard?s 111th Army Band will play “Blue Hawaii.” as they did in tribute to Governor Quinn and his wife. Dramatization of the invocation by Rev. John McDonald and the speech in Hawaiian given by Lt. Governor Kealoha which followed. Rev. Abraham Akaka gave the benediction at the end of the ceremony.
  • Honor babies born on the significant dates from 1959: March 18 and August 21tst
Anniversary of Statehood Commission Communications Investigative Committee February 3, 2008 Members: Committee chair and Vice Chair for Events Lenny Klompus, Kahu Kurt Kekuna, Tammy Kubo, and Lori Thomas. Joined by Commission Chair Kippen de Alba Chu, Vice Chair for Finance, Stafford Kiguchi and non-profit director, Corrie Heck Proposed Timeline for Events
  • March 12, 2009 Observance of historic day; Reenactment at ‘Iolani Palace
  • August 21, 2009 Week of events leading up to 50th Anniversary: Island-specific commemorations during the week. Within the three areas of focus for events/communications efforts (local, national and international), the communications investigative committee will pursue the following opportunities and many others, as they arise:
  • March 12, 2009 Observance of reenactment at ‘Iolani Palace. Will work with all local television stations and cable to carry the reenactment live; Looking at a 30 minute production.
  • Commemorative aloha shirt. Will work with local manufacturers, i.e. Reyn Spooner, Hilo Hattie, to develop commemorative patterns and designs.
  • Commemorative license plates. Will work with appropriate agencies to determine the feasibility of producing and offering commemorative license plates for Hawaii drivers.
  • Commemorative personal checks. Will work with check manufacturers to produce commemorative personal check designs and work with all major banking institutions to make the design available to their customers.
  • Oral/Video History Documentary. Will work with Education Committee members to develop best course of action; Develop partnership between Kamehameha Schools and PBS Hawaii to produce a video documentary comprised of interviews with Hawaii residents who experienced the statehood process first hand.
  • Phonebook cover. Will work with Paradise Yellow Pages to design a commemorative phone book cover; Design could also include comprehensive list of events available.
  • Commemorative packaging for Hawai’i-made products. Will work the state Dept. of Agriculture and the successful Hawaii Seal of Quality program to develop commemorative packaging for Hawaii-made products that are distributed and sold worldwide.
  • National morning shows. Will work with morning shows nationwide to promote Hawai’i statehood commemoration via live feeds.
  • Airline in-flight video messages. Will work with major national and local airlines to produce in-flight welcome videos that promote Statehood commemorative events. Messages could highlight a variety of community members in locations statewide.
  • Hawai’i promotional show with Oprah Winfrey. Will work with Harpo Productions to explore the possibility of producing a Hawaii-focused show with Oprah, an avid Hawai’i supporter; Highlight various components of Hawaii culture to dispel typical stereotypes.
  • Rose Bowl parade. Kippen to add details.
  • Smithsonian. Will work with Smithsonian curators to explore the possibility of creating a statehood display; May allow for partnership with Alaska, also celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2009.
  • Will work with international media outlets to promote Hawai’i statehood events as well as Hawaii culture; Knowing the avid international interest and fascination of Hawaii’s culture, a global focus is critical to the full promotion of our events and programs; Justification for this additional focus is based on the frequently-cited example that Japan has more hula dancers than Hawaii.
In addition to the above ideas for communication efforts, the investigative committee will pursue the following immediate action steps:
  • Gather general managers and publishers of all major Hawai’i media outlets to meet about promotional opportunities and their potential role.
  • Will work with media to further develop local promotional opportunities and how they would like to be involved.
  • Finalize logo design
  • Pending Commission approval, will work with graphic designers to produce final design to be used for consistent promotional purposes.
  • Develop plan for Statehood “spokespersons” who represent various aspects of the statehood commemoration.
Recommendation to the Commission:
  • Neighbor Island event sub-committees. In order to ensure each island is appropriately represented and feels ownership in their celebration, the communications investigative committee suggests we formally establish Neighbor Island event sub-committees.
  • Members would be convened under the direction of each neighbor island representative and would report to the larger Commission;
  • Composition of sub-committees to be determined by each neighbor island representatives with consent and approval from the larger Commission;
  • Sub-committees will be charged with developing island-specific commemorative events during the week of events in August 2009 and securing local funding.
  • Finally, schedule public hearings on neighbor islands in April and May.

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