Sagebrush Rebellion

Sagebrush Rebellion documents and information The following is a collection of mostly New York Times articles describing the Sagebrush Rebellion I and II. Also of interest is an article by the Heritage Foundation, an umbrella for the Grassroot Institute. Although only tangentially relevant here, there is also a video tacked on at the bottom of the page of libertarian Ron Paul stumping in Reno. Stakes are high in the Sagebrush Rebellion – Sept 2, 1979 pdf Western delegates seek states control of lands – Sept 8, 1979 pdf On MX in Nevada and Utah – Jan 17, 1980pdf Sagebrush Rebels revelling in Reagan – Nov 24, 1980 pdf Excerpts from New Conference with Reagan Cabinet Choices – Dec 23, 1980 pdf West upset by Reagan Plan to sell some Federal Land – April 17, 1982 html Washington Talk; Farewells, Fond and Otherwise, for Land Director – July 5, 1989 html Environment Laws Are Eased bt Bush as Election Nears – May 20, 1992 html In Northern New Mexico, Some Seek The End of the Rainbow Gathering – July 2, 1995 html Court Puts Down Rebellion Over Control of Federal Land – March 16, 1996 html Forest Ranger Becomes Target Of 2 Bombings – Aug. 6, 1995 html Billions at Stake in Debate on a Gold Rush – August 14, 1994 html THE 43RD PRESIDENT; Interior Choice Sends a Signal On Land Policy – Dec 30, 2000 html Another Clash on a Judicial Nominee, but the Issue Is New – Feb 6, 2004 html 7th Candidate For Judgeship Is Blocked By Democrats – July 21, 2004 html Drilling in West Pits Republican Policy Against Republican Base – June 22, 2005 html Nevada Learns to Cash In on Sales of Federal Land – Dec 3, 2007 html A guide to the Records of Sagebrush Rebellion: University of Nevada at Reno pdf Heritage Foundation document: Surplus Federal Property – June 4, 1982 pdf Video: Ron Paul libertarian stump in Reno 2008 [youtube][/youtube]]]>

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